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The Wind

Voices dripping with whisper
As silent airs breath in
Capturing the secrets
From the walls within

Troubled are the gusts
A rheum shaking even quiet lungs
While wisps travel
Over empty souls

And passion ships sink
When filled with heavy burdens
Led by kings
Whose men die for a stranger

So let the wind
Carry the thoughts
For they are lost
On those who do no speak


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Misery earned
Merriment learned
Hiding behind blame
Feigning the game

Projection of fault
Squalor the result
Guilt will consume
Every empty room

Fill the house
With faking about
Putrid memories
That no one else sees

And in that place
Lurks death’s face
With rancid breath
And a face of meth

Still the sweetest kiss
To release what’s amiss
And spare the rest
Of such burdensome mess


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Passion Flower


Didn’t make it
Through the winter
Still can’t
Remove the splinter
Just seen
Beneath the surface

Shone brightly
In the summer
Teeth reveal
The number
Of times
The faces smiled
Her open fire

Then voices
Became whispers
No sight
Of either dipper
On clouded
Starless nights
The best advice

Palsied seeds
Of despair
Stale petals
Once purple flare
But now forget
For she is gone
No revival
Just in a song

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2014 January 14

Today, I walked along the river and saw the vast amount of debris washed ashore from recent rising waters. Plastic abounds and no one is in a rush to clean it up–standard Portsmouth practice.

In many countries, people live off, worship, and fear their rivers. Here, they’re just something else we become so good at destroying.








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Lover’s Leap

It’ll be like a dream
Always falling
Through the seam
To an endless reality

We’ll wake up
When we hit the bottom
Filled with regret
In a place that’s rotten

People will be there
But they’re not friends
Taking pictures
Of how we came to our ends

The sign will mark
How we met our fate
At Natural Bridge Park
On our last date

Photo by Aaron Coriell

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A peg in the heart
Driven further and further
Deeper over time
Tap, tap, tap

A drip in the faucet
A creak in the floor
Louder over time
Tap, tap, tap

A tear in the wallpaper
A leak in the sink
Angrier over time
Tap, tap, tap

A dog in a cage
A man on the run
Harder over time
Tap, tap, tap

A dimming light
A waning moon
Darker over time
Tap, tap, tap


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Gin Dizzy

Spun deep
Like yarn
On a spindle
Textile feeling
The rough
Of the wool
Fibers connecting
All that is left
And wheels driving
Out the last breath

Empty becomes
Shoddy resolutions
Fervent scrambling
To find
What’s not lost
Under the bed
In a messy apartment
Hide all the butts,
Gin Dizzy,
Cover the holes


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Pull Me

Off the floor
A stingray
To the bottom
Battling hours
Afraid of light
Leave me
Here to rest
I used to know
But forgot
On purpose
But unplanned


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Bare Feet

Plumes of poignant airs
Billowing up from calloused soles
Hiding the unknown
Tucked sadly underneath

Glass crushed by bare feet
Patterns still worth mending
Sometimes the only need
A little understanding

But don’t lock it in a bottle
To set out in murky water
Only to be intercepted
By those who are not indebted

Follow the signs but not the grain
Exhausted by the paddling
The destination still the same
No matter what we tame


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Holed Up

Time keeps running away,
And it looks like the snow
Is here to stay.
Will we ever see the grass again?

Holed up for too many days,
Through the window
All that’s seen is grey.
But how long can the sun stay away?

All of the days are getting shorter,
And every one
Feels closer to the border.
At the darkest time of year, who’s in your corner?

Although there’s much less light,
Still fighting the bite
Of sleep every night.
Is there anything left that is right?