Bio & Contact

I’m Casey (but sometimes I prefer you call me Millie).

I’m nobody important in most dimensions. I think somewhere in the 7th I might be doing something interesting.

I prefer baths to showers, and have super vivid dreams. Cats are mostly better than humans.

I have an MBA and have taught college kids since 2009. I love sharing knowledge, but I left that life to pursue another. Now I only teach part-time, and have been eaten by the business world; specifically, corporate sea monsters. Business is not my passion, but I’m good at it. As a friend of mine’s little sister said to her grandma when she didn’t want to go to church: “If I go sit in the garage, that doesn’t make me a car.”

I write poems, songs, and sometimes coffee-lavender rants. All the work here (including photos) is original.

If you want to hear me sing some stuff check out:

Try not to get lost.


I look like dis:


All in a Name: From Mulligan Stew to Casey Smith

January 6, 2014

As some of you may have noticed, Mulligan Stew is dead. Not me, as a musician, but the name itself. (My music page now appears as just “Casey Smith.”) I spent so much time trying to dream up a stage name for myself, obsessing over how “wrong” just being Casey Smith was, when the answer was right in front of me all along.

I wasted years running away from who I was, but I also spent years building who I am. Smith may be one of the most common names in the world, but it’s my name. Casey Smith is who I am, and it’s what I know. While it may be entirely ordinary, it’s the one thing I have, and can’t run from.

Sure I can reinvent myself, cut my hair, maybe even join the CIA and totally change my identity, but deep down I will always be Casey Smith. Some of you love that person, others could care less; and to every good hero there’s a villain (not that I’m a hero, just the point that you won’t be able to please everyone).

Regardless, I’m happy to say that I don’t care how plain, uninteresting, or dull the name Casey Smith is. That’s me, and you get what you get.



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