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On my way to work this morning heading south toward the river, I came up over the viaduct and saw that beautiful image of the Kentucky hills blanketed in fog. The light wasn’t hitting the hills, so they had a bluegreen appearance which made the haze of the fog stand out even more. I breathed it in and thought, “This is such a pretty place…. but with so many ugly people.” And I don’t just mean their appearance, I mean what’s inside them: their hate and intolerance toward those who are different, and complete inability to see beyond themselves.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how judgemental people are, and about how they’re always obsessing over what other people are doing. I watched the movie Nebraska earlier this week (it’s excellent), and the main character’s mother is the perfect example of a small-town, righteous, judgemental know-it-all. She has nothing to talk about except for how others are living their lives; how this person is a whore, and that person wanted to get in her pants, etc.

And we all know those people who can’t make conversation without dragging someone else through the mud. And for what? They don’t know your story, what you’ve been through, or where you came from. Those people treat their lives like a celebrity gossip column. (And we don’t know those celebrities’ stories, either!)

If people are not interfering with your life or infringing on you, then what’s the problem? How are they causing you harm, and what gives you the right to judge them?

We all have different paths for different reasons. We have lived lives that no one else will understand. So remember that. If someone hasn’t harmed you, then be nice to them. Stop acting like a child and belittling others to feel better about yourself. And if you’re going to act like a child, remember the advice of Thumper: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.”

During the hour between getting home from work and going to the gym, I puked out a song on the topic. Song puking happens when I’ve had something on my mind, and the song just spills out of me in one sitting.

Here are the lyrics. Some of them are placeholders since it came out so fast, but you get the idea.


For such a pretty place,
You’ve got an ugly face.
Not sure what made you better than me.
Who gave you the right to judge my life?

Is it cause your ma and pa they got money?
And they been married for 30 years.
You claim you never miss a Sunday service,
And you never seen your daddy touch a bottle of whiskey .

By conventional standards
You’d be labeled a 10,
But it’s what’s on the inside that’s turnin’ me off;
The world owes you a place in the sun.

Is it cause your ma and pa they got a mortgage?
And they paid for all of your college.
You never miss a hometown football game,
And you never seen your father hit your mother.

Feelin’ sorry for you
And your preoccupation
With all the things that others do;
You’re concerned they’ll get their gay on you.

Is it cause it might make your marriage less meaningful?
Well that don’t sound like a real strong marriage.
Like you don’t know my story, I don’t know yours.
And what’s any of this got to do with you?

For such a pretty place,
You’ve got an ugly face.
Not sure what made you better than me.
Who gave you the right to judge my life?


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