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No Need

Sharing glances of understanding
No need for words in our abandoning
Passing buildings of endings
And roads of new beginnings

Glancing, rubble eyeing from afar
Bank rolling thin, but no need from a car
Giggling sunshine cheeks brighter than a star
Mind keeping secrets in a jar

Crashing waves against skin
And March reeling winter in
While the seals’ barking begins
And, too, our own shelling from within

Soaring trees shaking down seeds
Coasting west of ancient needs
Glittering reeds of salted beads
Fleeing shores of misty deeds

Tall standing on dinosaur bones
Mounting firmly on a nature throne
No need for shining tones
All mother’s generous loans

Washing pearled sand from long-grown hair
And tangling feet in kelpy lairs
Enjoying pairs of sleepy dares
Mashing tracks of unknown cares

No need for tracing solemn agenda
Wondering over the next contender
Living easily in boring splendor
Enjoying ages of raw adventure

No Need


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