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All the Same

And then the clouds parted,
And there was a shift in the sense.
Below was a mosaic of farmlands,
Of squares filled with circles and streams.

A protective blanket lay over them,
Shielding them from the harms of the sky.
Then, in the distance, a plane flies over,
Disturbing their artful silence.

Flying side by side,
The giant birds scream on;
Their voices a deep roar,
A corruption of the peaceful land.

Lying on the blanket
A man and a woman.
They roll playfully on pillow-top mountains,
Smiling as the clouds envelope them.

Then as their blanket parts,
They fall through it’s deceptive netting,
Down into the sepia mosaic;
Where different squares are really all the same.



6 thoughts on “All the Same

      1. Wow, you are a talented writer & singer, dang! Love your music as well, it’s very similar to your poetry it’s light and simple, but really deep. Super amazing! 😛

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